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no matter how bad you are, there’s always someone who is worse

cant believe big boss made it to 6am with only 99% power left



The concept of Wild is based on “experiencing new situations” across an open-world that has been described “as big as Europe.” In the game, you can play as a human or any other living creature.



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Shibari Tutorial: Hand Ties

We’ve got a whole variety for you this time! These work on the arms or legs, and in the case of the Zip Snare, any part of the body so long as you have enough rope (about 30’).

  • Tutorial 1: The Cat’s Paw
  • Tutorial 2: Prisoner Cuffs
  • Tutorial 3: Zip Snare

Always practice cautious kink! Have your sheers ready in case of emergency and watch extremities for circulation issues

These are not great ties - they will tighten upon struggling.  Which means you can only use them for very light or decorative play.  (Before you ever use a tie you’ve learned, always test it - test it on yourself or a helpful volunteer in a non sexual, non high stakes situation.  Struggle against it, pull it in all directions… be as thorough as possible so that you can predict the behaviour of the knot.)

For wrist ties that won’t tighten, it is in your best interest to learn how to tie single and double column ties.  There are other ones too of course but I just got out of bed so I don’t feel like going through the internet finding a million links, and column ties are good foundations for bondage and are worth learning, imho.

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Anonymous said: Speaking of forums... What forums / blogs / etc (other than your own if course) would you most recommend to individuals interested in pursuing game development or programming, and who want to hear more about what it's like to work in the industry, or otherwise get answers to game development and programming related questions?


There are a couple of places I will visit on occasion, but it will vary based on your relative amount of knowledge and understanding of the process. Here’s some stuff I would suggest.

General Game Development:

  • Extra Credits on Youtube - A great bird’s-eye view series of videos (updated weekly) of how things work in various aspects of the industry.
  • Gamedev.net - A page and forum for video game developers of all walks of experience.
  • Gamasutra.com - Probably the best resource for more experienced developers. Gamasutra has a lot of articles and blog posts written by developers from indie to AAA and everything in between. Many articles assume an inherent level of knowledge, however, which may make it less easy to digest than the others. Also has job listings.
  • GDC Vault - A collection of free (and subscription) videos from past Game Developer Conference talks.

Specific Stuff:

  • Programming: Stack Exchange - A great general programming resource where you can ask questions and bored programmers will answer them.
  • Game Writing: David Gaider’s game development tag - David is the lead writer for the Dragon Age franchise. He has several great writing-specific posts about game development.
  • MMO Development: Eldergame.com - Eric Heimburg is an old hand at MMO development, having worn multiple hats on multiple AAA MMOGs, and is currently working on his own indie MMOG called Project Gorgon.
  • MMO Development: RaphKoster.com - Raph Koster is one of the oldest hands in the MMOG game, and he is the one who first identified a lot of the theory we use to construct games today.
  • Animation and Art: Art-eater.com - I first discovered this blog through some posts about the twelve principles of animation, and I was hooked. It’s a fantastic resource with some amazing analysis on art, with the heavy emphasis on animation.
  • 3D Modeling: Polycount’s forums - There’s no better forum for budding 3D artists to learn, show off their work, or ask for advice. Those showing off their work or offering advice are often industry veterans. There’s no better forum for hopeful artists to get real constructive critiques and advice on their work.

Hope it helps. Enjoy the reading.


Gigantic Announce Trailer

Motiga announced their first game today, and I’m pretty psyched! I’m not really into MOBAs, but I’m going to have to try this one. Mostly because it’s gorgeous, and partly because the twist they’ve put in actually makes it look interesting to me.

Pretty terrible gifs, but eh. EHH. I don’t care. Fun.

Visit Gigantic's website to read more about the game and sign up for the alpha!

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4 all u kids who wanna study some figure drawing/anatomy

All the downloads are free they only take a little bit time to download because these are big files!

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Support here ​http://www.patreon.com/doxydoo

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